Monday, January 17, 2011

Miller Road text

I spent the morning at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center printing the first page of the text for Miller Road. Many thanks to Katie Platte for helping me lock up the text and running me through the steps of using the Vandercook press. I think now I can do this by myself; I keep reviewing all the details in my mind.

This weekend I made some corrections on the etching Ponies; now I need to finish it up with some aquatint. It is the 13th etching for the book-- when it is done there is one more.

I've been thinking about homemade bookcloth. In the past I've used starch paste to glue kozo paper and fabric together. It's sloppy and I get air bubbles in the finished bookcloth. I wonder if one could use fusible web to "laminate" cloth and paper. This is my next experiment.

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