Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Next Project

The Miller Road plates are done, so I will just be printing and binding those for a while. I'm also thinking about my next project; a series of etchings depicting images of the Keeler Brass Company, the old Godfrey plant. I have a lot of loose sketches I made while working there, of people and places in the factory. I'll be using these images, and some from old company photographs, to make etchings on old brass backplates.

The one shown above is my first experiment, to see if the backplates would etch in ferric chloride. (They're solid brass.) The image is from an old company photo of Hetzer Hartsock, who retired from modelmaking before I started there. He died about a decade ago.

The next one will be of modelmaker Marlin Signor, from a sketch I made of him in the design room. Marlin was retired and died last fall; it's still hard to think about that when I work on the etching.

In any case I intend this to be like a miniature visual history of Keeler, etched into brass plates.

I have this idea of deconstructing an old Keeler catalogue and rebinding the etchings into it.

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