Saturday, July 5, 2014

American Insects finished

Here is the finished etching, with aquatint, of the "potatoes were the waiters" page, with digital text added. Classmate Laurie Hunt suggested the fade-out of repetitive lines. The possibility of hand-coloring the etchings was also suggested. I finished all three books: The Fly, The Potatoes' Dance, and Depressed by a Book of Bad Poetry, I Walk Toward an Unused Pasture and Invite the Insects To Join Me. The last page of the latter is shown below:

It's a lot of scanning to add all the pages of each book but I'd like to make Picasa albums of them in the future. I made slipcases for each set of books, (edition of three) the spine label for the slipcase looks like this:

The three small etchings on the label are repeated on the title page of each book.

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