Thursday, February 10, 2011

Progress on Book Projects

Here's a "before " picture of J. Alfred Prufrock; just a bunch of loose signatures. Now they're all sewn together and waiting to be bound, once I decide on endpapers. I'm just going to go through all the paper I have and choose what I think is most appropriate; I'm trying to keep this a low cost project.

The last page of text for Miller Road is printed also. I need to print all the pages of etchings now. I started last Saturday to do this when I had a large block of time, and opened a new can of ink, Graphic Chemical Bone Black. What is with this stuff? It seems to have no viscosity whatsoever. It's almost like a can of black Crisco, for lack of a better comparison. I bought a whiole pound of it, too-- I wish I hadn't. From now on, if I'm trying a new ink, I'll buy the smallest amount available.

In any case, my ink troubles set me way back on what I wanted to accomplish Saturday, but maybe it was a good reminder not to try and rush a project.

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