Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Multiple Signature Project

I've finished binding Prufrock. These pictures are not the best; I used a different camera than I'm used to. What made the binding challenging was the thick paper I used for the collage illustrations; hopefully a lighter paper like the Somerset Book Lightweight I'm using for Miller Road will be easier to work with. The title page is digital text, I used Somerset Book Lightweight for it and the endpapers. The distressed looking red and black paper on the covers is a decorative scrapbooking paper I happened to have on hand. The homemade bookcloth worked very well; no air bubbles or problems, but I made a measuring mistake and couldn't cover the whole book with what I had as a result. It was my intent for the whole book to be cloth-covered, but I had to use the cloth and paper combo instead. The whole project was really an exercise in multiple signature binding and I'm satisfied with the result.

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