Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More thoughts..

     It is probably a mistake to print the woodblock with oil ink plus a modifier; after doing some reading I will use waterbased pigment instead. I read a book on Japanese woodblock printing this month that said even diluted acrylics will work. This is using the Japanese brush-on technique I learned from Mary Brodbeck. Also my paper was all wrong so I found some kozo I use for bookcloth and tore up some sheets to use for experimentation. I had a lot of trouble with chipping and tear-out with this plywood but the same book mentioned above said to coat the surface of the block with slightly-thinned white glue to prevent this problem. I have so much of this wood, I'd really like to find a way to use it effectively.
     At the Kalamazoo Public Library Friends bookstore I found this amazing book of Jacques Callot etchings, for only $3.50. Very inspirational, as well as a reminder that no piece of copper is ever too small to use.
     In anticipation of starting grad school classes (!!!) I am trying to do an inventory of all my paper, prints, supplies, etc. I have some pretty valuable paper stockpiled that I expect to be using up now, plus I want to turn over a new leaf regarding organization.

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